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  1. table data vs. text data in a blog post

    I usually work with tabular data that come from a specific table that I created myself as part of the site database. How about tables that aren't site tables, like tables that are just part of a blog post? The...Learn More
  2. Insert text to CKEditor programtically

    I'm using CKEditor in a asp.net Web Application Project. I need to insert some text into CKEditor cursor location, when user clicks a server side Button. I tried: CKEditor1.Text = CKEditor1.Text.Insert(0, "Sa...Learn More
  3. Drupal 7 - wysiwyg & images

    I need to insert images into the copytext of a blogpost. I tried different wysiwyg-editors and different image-plugins, but so far every plugin or editor I tried directly adds an <img>-tag into the text. ...Learn More
  4. Make TinyMCE Editor width fit the content dynamically

    How can TinyMCE fit his content when it's inside a absolute positioned container and also that the width keep updated during editing. &lt;div class="container"&gt; &lt;textarea&gt;This is my...Learn More
  5. Rendering Youtube Video in a WYSIWYG

    I am creating a custom WYSIWYG from scratch using JavaScript. All of it is working fine (like inserting pictures), but when I click on submit and the content gets added to my database, the YouTube video gets in...Learn More
  6. how to access to textarea of jquery wysiwyg plugin?

    i'm using wysiwyg plugin (http://code.google.com/p/jwysiwyg/) for a project and i would get if textarea is empty or not to give to users an alert before submitting the form but this plugin create an iframe and ...Learn More