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  1. How do I calculate a percent change of a zoo object using sapply?

    I have a list of zoo objects. The core data is the adjusted close of several stock symbols, monthly data. Each list object is a separate time series for each ticker. I'd like to calculate the monthly change for...Learn More
  2. Rollapply & xts. Can I output the time of max value in the window?

    I'm studying some yahoo finance data via quantmod. How would I determine not only the Max and Min price over a rolling window of data, but also the exact Timestamp of those highs and lows? I have tried which.ma...Learn More
  3. R - Losing column heading with read.zoo (read.csv is fine)

    When I read a csv file with read.zoo, the first column name is not imported and cannot be referenced. Reading the same file with read.csv is fine: > BoE101<- read.csv(file="C:/Users/Charles/Docum...Learn More