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  1. Pimp my Terminal - An Introduction to "Oh My Zsh"

    Introduction Using a terminal can be a bit of an intimidating experience in the beginning - but after you get used to it, it can boost your productivity in ways you couldn't imagine and can become quite a pleas...Learn More
  2. Zsh vs Bash

    **Zsh vs Bash** When we talk about UNIX based programming, it's usually about the shells, terminals, and the command line interfaces. The most prevalent shell in this regard is Bash but there are other variants...Learn More
  3. How to zero-pad numeric variables in zsh (and maybe also bash?)

    In zsh, when I have to create a bunch of files with zsh, I usually do something like: for x in $(seq 1 1000); do .....; done This works fine, it gives me files with names foo-1.txt .. foo-1000.txt. However, th...Learn More
  4. Split a paragraph into lines in ZSH

    How can I take a multi-line string in zsh, and split it into an array of strings that are a single line each? Specifically I want to take the output of cal June 2010 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 1 2 ...Learn More
  5. Run vim command from commandline

    There are lots of SO questions on running shell programs from vim. What I'm wondering is if it is possible to do the reverse - i.e. $ vim :BundleInstall for example, to allow me to run BundleInstall as part of...Learn More
  6. Weird character zsh in emacs terminal

    When using the terminal in emacs (M-x term) under MacOS for some reason it always posts the characters 4m before every line in zsh and always prints 2 lines containing the user info such as 4m--(jesus@laptop:/d...Learn More
  7. Check if current directory is a Git repository

    I am writing a series of scripts for Git management in zsh. How do I check if the current directory is a Git repository? (When I'm not in a Git repo, I don't want to execute a bunch of commands and get a bunch...Learn More
  8. Prepend (instead of append) virtualenv path to login shell $PATH

    Why does my virtualenv path get appended to the $PATH variable of a login shell? Is it possible to have it prepended so it gets searched first? Last login: Tue Aug 26 18:35:15 on ttys000 ➜ ~ . ./venvs/py_ven...Learn More
  9. NLTK Brill-Tagger exits after 2.5h with exit code 137. What is wrong?

    I want to tag some text with the Brill-Tagger from NLTK. However, the script exits like this: $ ./brill.py Training Brill tagger on 43005 sentences... Finding initial useful rules... zsh: killed ./brill.py ...Learn More
  10. IPython on Zsh Terminal

    Ever since I installed oh-my-zsh and iTerm2 emulator for my terminal I can't seem to access ipython any longer from my terminal. Would be great if any of you can help out! $ ipython zsh: command not found: ipy...Learn More
  11. How to split on NULs in shell

    I am using zsh as a shell. I would like to execute the unix find command and put the result into a shell array variable, something like: FILES=($(find . -name '*.bak')) so that I can iterate over the values wi...Learn More
  12. How to use packages installed via easy_install in zsh?

    I use OS X (Mountain Lion) and ZSH. I can use easy_install to install some python packages but if I want to use the command in my ZSH afterwards I just get something like this: zsh: command not found: virtu...Learn More