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[ Tagging friends not working while link sharing using Feed dialog ]

I use FBWebDialogs presentFeedDialogModallyWithSession:parameters:handler: for sharing on facebook. I passed the parameter as

NSMutableDictionary *parameterDict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];
parameterDict[@"link"] =@"link url";
parameterDict[@"name"]=@"Hello world";
parameterDict[@"caption"]=@"caption string";
parameterDict[@"friends"] = fbfriends;
FBGraphObject *obj = places[0];    
parameterDict[@"place"]= [obj valueForKey:@"id"];
parameterDict[@"linkDescription"]= @"Just a test of sharing.";

Here link is posted on Facebook wall but tagging is not working Any Idea folks?

Answer 1

Here's the reference doc for feed dialog and associated parameters:


As you can see, there are no parameters named friends, place, or linkDescription. You cannot tag a friend or a place via the feed dialog, and you should change linkDescription to be just description.