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[ Termux ​is a Terminal Emulator Plus Linux Environment, That allows us to use the Linux Environment… ]

Termux ​is a Terminal Emulator Plus Linux Environment, That allows us to use the Linux Environment on our Android within few clicks. Few Years Back, I Have Tried a lot of apps to setup a Linux Environment on a Smartphone For Hacking, I Have Tried Debian No Root that’s Cool but not stable at all, later tried installing the Kali Linux on Android, That was awesome.. Termux Hacking Tutorials Tech Dark. But that consumes some storage space, that’s not good for all of us, later Found This Awesome ​Termux​ ​App Which is Now We Are Going To Start Hacking with, Firstly Install Termux From Playstore & I Highly Recommend You to use Hackers Keyboard. FAQ… ● Does Termux Useful For Hacking? My Answer Is Yes.. You can use Termux for Hacking, you can use some popular Hacking Tools in Termux ● Does Termux Requires Root Permissions? Not at All, Root is Not Necessary To Use Termux, if You Have Root then you can do some advanced stuff, if you don’t have root then nothing to worry still you can do the same stuff. ● Can i Became a Hacker by Using Termux App? Apps / Tools doesn’t Made Hackers, Hackers Made Tools. Perhaps you won’t Be a Hacker unless you have the knowledge ● Is Termux Useful for Programmers? Of Course It will be Helpful but limited ● Can i use Termux To Hack Websites? My Answer is Yes, You Can use Termux to Hack Websites with the help of sqlmap and other hacking tools. ● Can i Hack Facebook, Gmail, Instagram using Termux? Yes You Can, Only If You Know Which Tool You Should use. ● Can i Hack a Android Phone With Termux? Yes You can Hack Using Metasploit Framework In Termux, Not Only Android Smartphones you can do even more with Metasploit. ● Can I Hack Wifi Through Termux? My Answer is Yes and No, Because We Can Create a Wordlist in Termux For Hacking Wifi, while aircrack-ng, airmon-ng etc, Wifi Hacking Tools Can Be Installed In Termux But Not Usable In All Devices ● Can I Hack Everything With Termux? We Can Hack Anything But Not Everything..! Termux Commands Basics Don’t Learn To Hack, Hack To Learn..! If you’re a Linux User then You can use termux in a ultimate way, if you aren’t then no problem, you can learn Basic Termux Commands and move on. What are Termux Commands? In simple words, Termux Commands are the terminal commands, which is executed to perform a particular task. These commands are similar to Linux Commands. READ MORE CLICK HERE