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[ The Lesson of Good King Wenceslas ]

Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the Feast of Stephen, When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even; Like so many Christmas Carols the opening lines are unforgettable and instantly bring the melody to mind but what are the words, and more importantly what is the lesson in the lyric? “Good King Wenceslas” is the story of the Duke of Bohemia (modern day eastern Czech Republic), in the 10th century who was determined to give alms to the poor on the day after Christmas known for the Feast of St. Stephen. The cold was harsh and the snow was particualry harsh as he and his page made their way thorugh the struggled to keep up. The Duke suggested stepping into his footprints to make the going easier. Page and monarch, forth they went, forth they went together; Through the rude wind’s wild lament and the bitter weather. Wenceslas’ good deeds and kindnesses earned him the posthumous title of king which has a better ring than “Good Duke Wenceslas…” This elevation in title by Holy Roman Emperor Otto I served to strengthen the rule of monarchy by affirming rex iustus, the concept of a “righteous king” whose power comes from kindly acts of good as well as military might. Use your experienced project resources to guide the way for the less experienced. It is not enough to cross train in the final stages of the project, the novice needs to witness the master in action and follow their example. It can be more costly but the transfer of direct knowledge will be invaluable for operational support, reduction of project risk, and job satisfaction of your resources. Be sure to sing the praises of your people when they forge ahead. The Holy Roman Emperor knew well that acknowledgement strengthens the whole team. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_King_Wenceslas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wenceslaus_I,_Duke_of_Bohemia