[ The Pomodoro Technique: A technique to maximize productivity ]

Every person faces procrastination and wants to overcome this issue. But failed to achieve this goal and become unproductive. First of all, we should be well aware of procrastination. The act of postponing or delaying a task is called procrastination. Procrastination gives a feeling of pleasure and the result is that the deadline comes a panic master comes and gums up everything. So here is a Pomodoro technique to resolve this issue and be more productive. What is Pomodoro? Pomodoro is a technique that deals with procrastination and maximizes productivity by organizing the time. Pomodoro is an Italian name for tomato. A timer often looks like a tomato. And a timer is all for this technique. The Pomodoro (Timer) How to use the Pomodoro technique? In this technique we have to do is · Set a timer for 25 minutes · Turn off all the interruptions · Focus on the task · And reward our self when we complete that task My Experience I was feeling unproductive and cannot achieve goals. So, I have come up with this Pomodoro technique and give it a try. When I initiated my course work, I set the alarm for 25 minutes and started focusing on that task. I put my phone out of my reach so that I can concentrate. When the alarm bell rang, I had completed my work. Then I rewarded myself by taking some rest and chill with my family. It was a very mind-blowing experience. I have faced difficulty while doing this technique because of different distractions. But I will make a habit of Pomodoro to be a productive person. I will improve myself by taking a further step of making a to-do list, after completing the four tasks then take a long break. To continue this technique, we have to become more motivated and make a habit of this. The more outcome we see, the more motivated we can be. We have to keep an eye on our progress which is great in being consistent.