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[ The Quest (for a better internet) begins Tomorrow! ]

The Quest is upon us. Thank you to everyone who’s gotten involved in the competition, helped others troubleshoot, provided feedback to get to this point, etc. Now, after lots of prep, it’s game time! A few final steps below to get started… If you haven’t joined yet, go here for details! Running your node on The Quest Action items before The Quest begins Linked here is a copy of The Quest genesis document. If you’ve submitted an entity package, please review this and ping me and Reuven on slack if you see any issues. Note that we reserve the right to make changes. We will announce any changes on the #nodeoperators slack channel. What to expect when The Quest begins on January 15 at 00:00 UTC If you’ve already sent us an entity package: You’ll be in the genesis block and funded once the network goes live. Within the first 24 hours of January 15 00:00 UTC we need you to redeploy your nodes with the published genesis document. Check the Current Testnet Parameters for more information. Then…happy Questing! If you haven’t sent us an entity package, but still want to join the competition Awesome! You can still join at any time during the competition. Just use these instructions to set up your node and you’ll get funded once the network goes LIVE. You can also check out this video for a tutorial too! What happens once the network is live? Once the network’s live The Quest begins! You can earn rewards for attacks, most blocks signed, most staked and more. A bit more info… Most Blocks Signed : This reward will be given to the top 5 operators based on blocks signed. This will be announced at the end of the competition. : This reward will be given to the top 5 operators based on blocks signed. This will be announced at the end of the competition. Best Attacks: Best attacks is a qualitative reward but certainly one we will judge impartially. The goal of this reward is really to see if you can hack the system, steal someone’s tokens, cause a sybil attack, etc. Specific criteria we’ll consider when making our choice include: Impact to other node operators, Impact to network stability. After the attack is complete, we ask you to write up your attack(s) (blog post, github repo, etc) and submit it via this form. The Oasis team will review and choose the top 5 attacks based on the criteria above at the end of the competition. To learn more about the other challenges and rewards go here. Final Questions? Join our Office Hours! Tomorrow, we’ll host 2 special office hours. Join either for a live demo of how to set up your node or to get any other questions answered.