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The Spirit of Christmas Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash It’s strange that amid winter’s chill humans often reveal their warmest nature. Perhaps we compensate for the dull sky, low light, and decrease in wild growth with added compassion. There’s always negative news on the TV and radio, and it could depress you. Pick out the terrific tales of people who help one another at this time of year, though, and your heart will fill with the spirit of Christmas. Here, in the little countryside valley where I live, villagers look out for each other. We attempt to reduce loneliness, help those who are aged or unwell, and brighten the village with cheer. Kind words and compassion are exchanged, not just gifts wrapped in colorful festive paper, and I note it’s the little things that make a big difference to the atmosphere and individual’s wellbeing. It’s easy to feel helpless while chaos and COVID-19 run amok, and you might inadvertently tap into negativity spread via the airwaves. Yet, you can give yourself a precious gift this Christmas. Vow to concentrate on cheer, kindness, and warmth. You might steer clear of repetitive pessimistic tides of news, play uplifting music, and see how many positive tales you can gather (and create) to disperse the shadows cast over festivities. We may not all manage family get-togethers this Xmas, but we can keep in touch with loved ones and build the festive spirit with generous thoughts and positive actions.