[ Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 ]

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way business operates. We have seen many businesses shifting online and many employees will continue to work from home in the next year too. As we advance, digital marketing services will be the best way for businesses for the customer retention, generating more revenue, which results in boosting sales performance. Here are the Digital Marketing trends in 2021 that the industry would be going to foresee: 1. Artificial Intelligence AI has been implemented by a variety of businesses and marketing. One can utilize it for improving communication, analyzing the available data, tracking operations, and predicting customer behavior patterns. This helps in decreasing the manual work to a great extent. Its significant advantage is that it helps in enhancing customer satisfaction as it can easily read what the customers want. 2. Google Verified Listing for local SEO Having a presence on Google My Business (GMB) profile is an ideal way to get maximum exposure for local businesses. This will also provide the geographical location to users who are searching for any particular address. Verifying Google listing and keeping it updated has become a necessity these days. With GMB profile, you have better chances to secure higher rankings on search results. 3. Voice Search With rapid technological innovation such as Alexa and Google Home, they have created a boom in the market for voice search. It becomes important to optimize the voice search queries. While opting for the content and keywords, ensure to pick the keywords on the basis of what the users would inquire from Google, Alexa, or Siri. You should look for the digital marketing services which specialize in the implementation of the voice search technology. 4. Video Advertising App developers are constantly updating features to a level to build customer loyalty and decrease shift between different apps. The best examples for this are Instagram reels and LinkedIn story. App companies are promoting these features on their own to get the users stick to it, making it the best option for the marketers to display their products and services. 5. Google Ads- automated and smart bidding Using Google automated bidding strategies; Google can perform analysis of large amounts of data and adjusts bid in real-time. This strategy is helpful in increasing the results on the basis of campaign goals. The first and foremost step in an automated bidding strategy is picking the right strategy in accordance with the business model. This type of bidding is present for both search and display ads on the basis of bidding strategy chosen. Smart bidding is also related to the automated bidding. It is sort of conversion-based strategies. Some strategies consist of the following: increasing clicks, conversions, improving PPC, just to name a few. It offers auction-time bidding which is useful in optimizing conversions.