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CASE STUDY CLIENT LA NPDT’s software development team had been tinkering with the idea of a custom tool to create websites, an easy to use, flexible drag and drop website builder that would also give the customers the flexibility of using their website under their own terms. We wanted to help people, professionals and design agencies in general to create and use websites under their own terms, giving them freedom. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, we took it a step further to accelerate the project in order to help our community as part of our efforts during this challenging time. CHALLENGE The main challenge with this project was being able to develop a simple, intuitive drag and drop website builder with pre-made elements flexible enough to be customized by both an experiencied and a novice user. We were interested in making the website builder perform as fast as possible in order to achieve positive UX and allowing to create websites from any computer. Between the most difficult challenges we faced, one was the ability to be able to download a website once it was built, so the user could use it under his own terms. SOLUTION Our team started the application development studying a few known drag and drop website builders and its user interface (UI), after analyzing it in detail we created a few conceptual designs, which were used by our developers to create a functional prototype. After several discussions we decided to create the web app using Laravel and Angular as the main frameworks. The combination of both ensured speeding up the development process. Not only did we implement the main common initial features like the drag and drop feature, code editor, layout editor and the ability to visually modify the style of all elements like padding, shadows, text and more without needing to have any coding knowledge, we fueled it with over 30+ pre-built HTML templates. We achieve our main goals, anyone can use UP builder. No coding skills needed. Users with HTML and CSS knowledge will be able to leverage all the capabilities of UP builder. And we ensured the functionality of our main feature: any user can easily export and publish their own website however they want to. THE RESULT As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the urgency it presented we launched our product for free as part of our continuous effort to help business, independent professionals and our community in general. While in the meantime we test our Beta version, we are looking forward to fix some bugs and make any other improvement we can. UP builder is a solution for people who want to make some extra income by creating websites for other people or businesses. Visit Up Builder –> During these difficult weeks, our developers won’t stop working on the next versions that would include new upgrades and features.