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[ [Wallet] Why an investor must use IONIA -a book transaction - ]

It’s already been a news story, a book transaction!!! What is the book transaction? It’s not like the coins were coming in and out of your wallet. It’s only recorded in the books. The Coins I bought are stored in my exchange wallet, not in my personal wallet. I mean, the coins I bought are not in my wallet, but the exchange has them!!!! What the…!!!?? No! It’s in my wallet on my exchange… There will be some of you, but you can look at it like this. The money I deposited at the bank is recorded in my bank account, but it’s actually in the bank safe So what if the bank safe is stolen? If you lose your wallet with lots of coins? And the exchange says, of course, we don’t do books. Because of doubt… If the exchange’s going to be hacked, If you feel like the coin in my wallet is not my coin I think keeping the coins in my wallet would be a much better rational choice! Multi-Wallet Ionia has no risk of hacking because there is no central server. The only person who can touch the coin in the wallet is the owner. How do you like it? Don’t you think you’ll try it right now?