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[ What is the recommended Python module for fast Fourier transforms (FFT)? ]

Taking speed as an issue it may be better to choose another language, but what is your library/module/implementation of choice for doing a 1D fast Fourier transform (FFT) in Python?

Answer 1

I would recommend numpy library, I not sure if it's the fastest implementation that exist but but surely it's one of best scientific module on the "market".

Answer 2

FFTW would probably be the fastest implementation, if you can find a python binding that actually works.

The easiest thing to use is certainly scipy.fft, though. Plus, you get all the power of numpy/scipy to go along with it.

I've only used it for a toy project (a basic music visualization) but it was fast enough to process bog standard audio at 44khz at 60fps, as far as I can remember.

Answer 3

I would recommend using the FFTW library ("the fastest Fourier transform in the West"). The FFTW download page states that Python wrappers exist, but the link is broken. A Google search turned up Python FFTW, which provides Python bindings to FFTW3.