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[ Yii minimum necessary code for filtering to work in gridview ]

What is the bare, most necessary, minimum code for ajax filtering to work in gridview?


  • controller,
  • model,
  • view

because I don't know why, but filtering stopped working while I was messing with other things. I can see ajax loading but results are always the same, it doesn't filter data. In firebug, I can see the GET call, but I don't really know what happens, or what query is coming back, or how to check what query is running in background.

thanks a lot!

Answer 1

based on this Yii wiki article thanks to softark it is very easy to understand what happens when users are filtering in grid. also, if you set

'ajaxUpdate' => false,

you can see what is happening in the background, and using firebug or CWebLogRoute you can see if there are any errors with the query or variables. for example I had this error (warning) message:

Failed to set unsafe attribute ...